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My First Dip into Rentals

I’ve always had a dream of being a big real estate mogul, ever since I saw various television shows about them as a kid. They all lived luxurious lives, all from selling and renting property. I had no knowledge about how to do this, but I did have a modern day advantage on my side. The great thing about technology is that there’s a website for just about anything that you want to learn about on the Internet. It was pretty easy to find a website that was focused on learning more about real estate and property management, one that even a novice like me could benefit from reading.

I spent day and night learning as much as possible from the website, finding out the best way to handle property purchases and rentals, and learning about the common mistakes that many people make when they buy their first property. It was finally time to put my knowledge to the test and buy my first piece of property. I bought a double story, single family home in a suburb that had been for sale for a few months. My intention was to do a little work on the home and rent it out to a family.

There wasn’t much work that needed to be done on the home, just a bit of maintenance here and there and it was done. I received a lot of messages from people that were interested in renting the home. The home was in a pretty good area because it was close to an elementary school and a high school. People came from all over the state and wanted to look around the home. I got a nice price from one family, and now they’re living there with their two kids, who they take to school each morning.